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Community Harvest

For the entire month of September, dining at any 1905 Family Of Restaurants location means more than just a meal.

For our guests, the process is simple: Choose a charity from a ballot that’s provided with the check. The restaurant calculates the 5 percent and provides the charity with gift certificates that can be used at any of the restaurants for up to 12 months. There’s no additional cost to the guest.

Apply For Community Harvest 2023

Please consider this a gentle reminder to apply for the Community Harvest by April 15, 2023.


Even if you have participated for numerous years, we need to hear that you’re still interested and to update your contact information. By June or so, we’ll announce which charities have been accepted for our 26th anniversary year. As always, the program will run for the entire month of September and we’ll donate 5 percent of all guest checks to the charities selected by our guests.


In 2021, the 24th year of the program, we donated nearly $250,000 to more than 100 non-profit organizations throughout Florida. That’s a $55,000 increase over 2020 – a tribute to a recovering economy and renewed marketing efforts by the charities. (The more you do, the more you get. And those charities that do not actively promote this program risk being dropped the next year.) That brings the 24-year total of our “Eat Well. Do Good” program to more than $3 million.


To apply:

  • Provide a short (15 words or less) description of your organization’s goals.

  • Provide proof that your organization has 501(c)(3) status.

  • Provide information on your group’s mission, and the county or counties you serve.

  • Provide a contact name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

  • Provide a list of your board of directors, and the companies they represent.


Please note: The requesting organization must be in the same city, or an adjacent city, to a Columbia Restaurant location.


Please send this information via regular mail by April 15, 2023, to:


Michael Kilgore,

Family Business Office,

1905 Family Of Restaurants,

2025 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605


Send any questions regarding the application process to


Michael Kilgore, Consultant, Columbia Restaurant Group

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